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Adrian Hotel


Adrian Hotel is nestled in the heart of downtown San Francisco and was one of the first of the hotels that were established in 1907 shortly after the earthquake of 1906. Through the years Adrian Hotel and the Tenderloin neighborhood has been through a number of tremendous changes and an evolution similar to those of Chelsea and The Brooklyn, NY. From the nightlife of the roaring 20s and 30s, the economic downturn of the 70’s, to the fringe neighborhood it is often referred to as today.

Again we see a shift in the Tenderloin where it is moving from being a downtrodden impoverished area to an up and coming trendy community. Surrounded by nightlife, the Theater District, shopping in Union Square, tourist attractions, and the world’s best dining, Adrian Hotel is one of the first hotels in the Tenderloin to be completely transformed from its former state into a modern, warm, and welcoming hotel that is affordable, safe, and clean.

While maintaining Adrian Hotel’s original charms, a modern element has been infused with its neo-classical design. Adrian Hotel and The Tenderloin district have seen their share of suffering, but through all that suffering it has developed great character and resilience.

Come and stay with us at Adrian Hotel and experience this character, the heart of the city, San Francisco in its purist form.